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       协泰进出口公司注册在中國福建厦门,中國最早實行對外開放政策的四個經濟特區之一。 我们公司从事多种商品国际贸易包括矿产品,农产品,建材,有机食品,有机饮料, 能源等国内外产品。 我们目前从事贸易合作的国家有美国,巴西,秘鲁,智利和非洲幾內亞,尼日利亚等。 我们通过与各个国家地区专业团队的有效合作,为客户寻求可靠货源,提供专业服务,降低买卖双方从事国际贸易的风险。对于供应商,通过我们公司,让您的产品更早,更快,更有效地实现国际化。对于公司顾客,我们慎重对待每一份订单,将根据您的要求,确保产品完好地送到您的目的地。真正做到专业,诚信,高效率地贸易桥梁!


      SinoGrande Import and Export company was registered in Xiamen, Fujian, China.  One of the first four cities opened up for Special Economic Zone (SEZ).  Our company has engaged international trades, including mineral products, agricultural products, building materials, organic food, drinks, energy products and as well as some of the domestic products in China.  We are currently dealing with companies from United States, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Guinea Conakry, Nigeria in Africa. Through our effective cooperations with the competent teams in these countries and regions, we are able to seek reliable suppliers for our customers and provide the most professional services to reduce the risk in the international trades for buyers and sellers.  For suppliers, through our company, your products will be internationalized earlier, faster and more efficiently.  For our customers, we treat each order with high caution and will ensure that the product is delivered to your destination in accordance with your requirements.  We will truly become a professional, honest, efficient trade bridge for both our suppliers and clients!

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