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美國達克士博士茶 ​(www.docstea.com是美國牙科醫生Dr Banks,融合了有南非三寶之一的路易博士茶(線葉金雀花), 中國廣西桂林三寶之一的羅漢果和各種水果的濃縮精華, 精緻釀造的清新爽口純天然無咖啡因有機茶。

Doc’s Tea was invented by Dr Banks, a licensed dentist from United States.  He combined the concentrations of South African Rooibos tea, Chinese Luohanguo (monk fruit) and the varieties of fruit to refine this refreshing natural organic tea.


達克士博士茶使用的南非純天然路易博士茶 (線葉金雀花),生長在南非開普敦北部高山。與其說它是一種茶,我們更可以將它看作一種天然草本針狀藥草。它含有豐富地抗氧化類黃酮,軟化血管防止動脈硬化功效是紅茶的90倍,綠茶的50倍,是烏龍茶的40倍,可高效清除人體自由基,對人體多種症狀有調理作用;它不含咖啡因,低單寧,無苦澀味,安全無副作用;它適合男女老少每一個人群。絕對是任何人,任何年齡和任何時間的最佳健康飲品.

Doc’s Tea’s has a central ingredient, Rooibos Tea.  Rooibos is indigenous only to South Africa.  Rooibos is a herbal tea very rich in flavonoids which act as antioxidants effectively removing unhealthy free radicals from our body.  Rooibos contains certain flavonoids which are 90 times that of black tea, 50 times that of green tea, 40 times that of Wulong tea. 

Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, low in tannin, no bitter taste, and no negative effects.  It is great for the entire family; men, women and children.  It makes Doc’s Tea a healthy drink for any person at any time of the day and night.

達克士博士茶獲得了美國A Bee有機認證, Kosher潔食認證和無轉基因認證。為了廣大飲用者更好地享有產品中的營養,我們茶飲只用濃縮精華,每一瓶达克士兵博士茶都充满着健康。 我们使用路易博士茶(線葉金雀花),罗汉果和有机原料创造了高热量饮料的健康替代品; 精致地工艺酿造,它适合您家庭的每一个成员!

Doc’s Tea has received the US A Bee Organic Certification, it is Kosher Certified and Non-GMO.  Every bottle of Doc’s Tea is packed fully of healthy organic goodness.  Rooibos Tea, Monk Fruit and all our organic ingredients brings together a healthy alternative to high calorie beverages.  Craft brewed with your heart in mind and great for the entire family!

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