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Assure Group Peru EIRL
Arequipa, Peru
Assure Group International 
Maryland USA
Sinogrande (Xiamen) Ltd
Xiamen, China
Xinyu Xinquan Mining Co
Xinyu, China


Sinogrande oversea subsidiaries and partner companies:


Assure Group International LLC   

Contact 负责人:  Mr John Vangchhia

                              Mr Sen Lin 

Assure Group International LLC,2014年注册于美国马里兰州,为协泰公司在北美的枢纽中心,主要负责协助协泰进出口公司扩展海外市场,目前主要负责的业务为智利和巴西的锰,铁等非有色金属矿产品采购,肉类冷冻食品,海外地产开发和未来的网络科技开发。

Assure Group International LLC, registered in the state of Maryland in 2014, is the hub of Sinogrande Import & Export (XiaMen) Co,. Ltd in North America.  Assure Group International LLC assists Sinograne to expand overseas markets.  At present, Assure Group International LLC is mainly assisting on purchasing the Non-ferrous metal mineral products such as manganese and iron from Chile and Brazil, Frozen Meat Products, Oversea real estate development and future network technology development.

Assure Group Peru E.I.R.L

Contact 负责人:  Miss Elaine Pastor

Assure Group Peru E.I.R.L, 作为Assure Group 美国总公司的秘鲁分部,注册于秘鲁Areqiupa市,主要负责南美市场开发和资源整合,目前负责的项目为秘鲁,智利,玻利维亚等国的金,铜,铅,锌等有色金属矿产品采购。 同时负责秘鲁商品国际进出口贸易。

Assure Group Peru E.I.R.L, as the subsidiary of Assure Group US, it is registered in Areqiupa, Peru.  It is mainly responsible for market development and resource integration in South America.  Currently, their project is in charge of sourcing Gold, Copper, Lead, and Zinc in Peru, Chile and Bolivia. As well as other non-ferrous metal mineral purchases.  Assure Group Peru also sponsibles for developing the international import and export trade in Peru for Sinogrande.


​协泰美国公司Assure Group International 的办公地
Sinogrande US Company Assure Group International Office Location  
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