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​建材 Building Materials


Working with companies from United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Peru, Chile. Our mineral products include: Gold, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Iron, coal and more

我们公司是美国达克士有机博士茶(Doc's Tea,  的中国总代理,巴西亚马逊有机阿萨依果汁 (Amazon Acai Juice) 中国总代理。美国Starz能量饮料亚太总代理

We are the exclusive distributor for Doc's Tea ( from US, Starz Energy Drink ( from US and Amazon Acai Juice from Brazil.


SinoGrande is also a designated company for a number of construction companies in Peru on purchasing interior and exterior use glass from China.

我们可从美国马里兰,维基利亚,西维基利亚,宾夕法尼亚, 加州等各州酒庄采购高质量葡萄酒和西班牙红酒。以及从多家精专啤酒厂商采购各式口味瓶装,罐装啤酒
We are able to purchase high quality red and white bottle wines from State of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and California in US, as well as export from Spain.  We can also purchase flavored beers from many of US beer micro brewers. 
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